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Is there really a Patty?

Yes.  Here's a pic of her.


Why do your hours keep changing?

Lots of things can affect our ability to stay open. Lately, we had to adapt to staffing issues. The weather can impact us too. We employ lots of high school students, and they heed parental advice and do not drive when the weather is bad.  

Why do your prices keep changing?

The short answer is supply and demand.  It's been a roller coaster since COVID, and we do our level best to keep our prices as low as we can.  But sometimes we're impacted just like everyone else.  If you grocery shop, you know what we're talking about.  Eggs, butter, gasoline, minimum wage- it all contributes to the fluctuating prices.

How long have you been in business?
For over 40 years.  And counting.

Did you have a location in Newtown?  Is it still in business?

We did!  For nearly 3 years, we had a second location in Newtown.  We shuttered it in July, 2023, and rented the space to a new business.

What advice do you have for your customers?
The napkins are by the door on your way out...bathrooms are next door.


Do you share your secret recipes?

Is it really a family-run business?
Yes. Patty and Benny started the business in 1981. Benny was busy running restaurants and thought Patty could use something to keep her busy because raising four children and caring for his mother didn't seem like enough for her to do.  So he bought what used to be Pritchard's Pantry.  They changed the name to Patty's Pantry, in keeping with the established alliteration, and that is what it's been ever since.

Their four children all worked at the Pantry over the years, while attending high school and then college. Eventually, all four learned all there was to learn about the world, and left the business to become teachers.

Luckily, the business could continue because Patty and Benny had a son-in-law named Gani who was NOT a teacher and was looking for something to do.  One day, Patty and Benny decided to retire and enjoy themselves so they sold the business to Gani.  This turned out to be a very good thing because they can still get fried chicken and the rice pudding whenever they want, and Gani has never had to look for anything to do ever since.

Gani ran the business alone, with the help of some incredible staff, until his two daughters Nora and Becky were old enough to make chicken and give correct change, which they've been doing ever since.  As for Robin, she continued teaching until one day, right before the COVID epidemic, she retired from teaching and planned to enjoy herself.  However, Gani decided that she needed something to do too, so now she's helping out, more or less behind the scenes.  You'll see her in the Pantry every now and then, mainly just to chat with her daughters.

Nora got married in 2022 and Becky did the same in 2023.  As to a fourth generation continuing Patty's Pantry, we all have to wait and see.



Three Generations

In the front:  Becky, Patty, Benny

In back:  Robin, Gani, Nora

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